Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update on Trash Transfer Station with links to important information

 H-T article link:

Letter that HT article is referring to:

The 1 line summary: JB's wants an 18-24 month extension on their permit deadline to try to go through the legal process to change the zoning of the site and get the transfer station permit approved.

Article in the H-T about City Council's letter to IDEM against the proposed WTS, 29 March 2013
http://www.heraldtimesonline. com/stories/2013/03/29/news. city-council-tells-idem-it- opposes-new-trash-transfer- station.sto
(Notably, the Council's letter includes a statement that they “would not support the use of this facility by the city.”! good news)

Story on WFHB about connection with the Mo Co Solid Waste District BoD, 28 March 2013 daily-local-news-march-28- 2012-0

Story in the H-T, Trash transfer site losing city support, 8 March 2013:
http://www.heraldtimesonline. com/stories/2013/03/08/news. trash-transfer-site-loses- city-support.sto

Story on WFIU, City Changes Mind on Support of Waste Transfer Project, 12 March 2013: news/city-mind-support-waste- transfer-project-46433/

Related story in the H-T, with update on WTS permit progress, 13 March 2013:
http://www.heraldtimesonline. com/stories/2013/03/13/news. profits-from-selling- recyclables-could-pay-for- trash-barker-says.sto
Article in the H-T, Mayor: City will check legality of transfer station, 18 March 2013:
http://www.heraldtimesonline. com/stories/2013/03/18/news. mayor-city-will-check- legality-of-transfer-station. sto

A long feature on WFHB's daily news, 5 March 2013: daily-local-news-march-05-2013

H-T article on WTS and Steve Volan's proposal to open a public WTS at Anderson location instead of on Vernal Pike.
http://www.heraldtimesonline. com/stories/2013/03/05/news. public-trash-transfer-station- proposed.sto