Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter to Bloomington City Council regarding proposed Solid Waste Facility, Transfer Station

December 3, 2012

To Bloomington City Council Representatives,

The Crescent Bend Neighborhood received a letter from Bethany Stevens of Indiana Recycling Resource, LLC.  The letter states:  “As required by IC 13-15-8 and 329 IAC 10-12-1 (a) – (b), please be advised the agent for the property Owner, has made application to IDEM, on November 7, 2012, for a Solid Waste Facility, Transfer Station permit. The project is known as Indiana Recycling Resource, LLC, DBA Vernal Pike Transfer and Recycling, In Bloomington, Indiana.  A copy of this application, legal description and all development plans pertaining to this proposed development plan are on file and available for examination at the Monroe County Public Library, 303 E. Kirkwood Avenue, IN  47404.”

Upon examination of these IDEM documents, it appears that this transfer station will be located on Vernal Pike on the property of JB Salvage.  Our concerns are:

  •  There will not be a public hearing regarding this project as stated by Planning and Engineering.
  •  Although there is an existing salvage company at this location, a solid waste transfer station, being significantly different, would perhaps be in violation of the current zoning ordinance.
  •  Who will be responsible for removing road trash that blows from uncovered vehicles transporting solid waste to and from the transfer station?
  • Why would the City think that it’s appropriate, and go so far as to send a letter of recommendation to IDEM, to send large vehicles, hauling trash, through a core neighborhood which includes two existing school zones (Tri-North and Head Start), narrow streets and few sidewalks?

It is estimated that 4,200 yards or 100 tons of trash will be moved in and out via large trucks and trailers each day.  Therefore this project will undoubtedly require a significant increase in large truck traffic on an infrastructure that at present cannot support multiple trips of this vehicle type.  Has there been discussion about infrastructure changes that would immediately be necessary to accommodate this type of traffic?  Large trucks will not be able to enter or exit via Adams Street because of the low train trestle/bridge and railroad crossings.  Similar problems occur at the Bender bridge on W. 11th Street.  It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a large semi-truck to access Monroe Street.  Therefore, if the Vernal Pike/Highway 37 intersection is closed due to the I-69 project, the only way these trucks can exit the transfer station would be on Crescent Road.  Even if W. 17th Street is widened/updated, Crescent Road will remain inadequate which will directly affect the health and safety of local residents.

Please note, there may be potential for the proposed transfer station at this location as long as trucks are able to enter and exit via the existing Vernal Pike and Highway 37 intersection.   However, in the near future, we are very concerned that the City cannot guarantee that INDOT will agree to revise the I-69 plan and protect the integrity of the northwest side by keeping an access to the west and Terre Haute through the Vernal Pike intersection.  We also understand that this will likely not be an interchange; however an access at Vernal Pike would allow these loaded trucks to exit the transfer station more efficiently and with less negative impact to our schools, residences and businesses.


Crescent Bend Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Members