Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CBNA Quarterly Meeting Feb. 27th

If you didn't make it to the last meeting, we discussed:

Organization and planning for Clean-Up Day that would be happening in May.  There will be a yard sale element this year (2012) as well as road trash removal crew and trucks to pick up metal and items that can be recycled, that might need a pick-up or trailer to move.
Need to stay ahead of planning that will be taking place for I-69

Neighborhood Watch - briefly  Shannon Simpson states that Crescent Pointe now has a courtesy officer and that patrols by police have increased as well.

Possibly organizing groups to keep the road trash free throughout the year.

Problems with barking dogs and how to approach and resolve the problem.

Briefly discussed the new Crescent Rd./ Vernal Pike intersection.  Justin Wykoff unable to come to meeting.  Our sign will be placed at this intersection.  We plan to landscape and use our own funds so we will not necessarily be tied to "City recommended" plants and trees.

Retaining 501C status as a tax-free entity and filing paperwork with federal government.