Monday, April 11, 2011

Crescent Bend Neighborhood Clean-Up & Haul-Away Day coming in May

Howdy Neighbors!
Save the Date--Crescent Bend Neighborhood Clean-up & Haul-Away Day--Saturday, May 14th 9:00-1:00.  (NO RAIN DATE, so come rain or shine)
  • Free hot dogs.  Stop by to chat. 
  • CBNA offers assistance to neighbors who need help hauling. 
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED--Individuals AND Trailer/Truck Owners.  Please reply to Sharon or call me at 334-3170.  Residents and businesses...join the fun.
What to YOU have to haul away on Clean-up & Haul-Away Day?
City of Bloomington will provide:
  • Compacting garbage truck big enough to eat couches.
  • A big truck for iron and metal.
  • A big truck for tire disposal.
  • A wood chipper.  Can chip limbs up to 6" in diameter.
  • Containers for disposal of hazardous materials, including oil paint, aerosols, flammable liquids, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs & batteries. No latex paint unless it's dry.
  • A re-use/recycle area for items too good to discard.
  • HAND staff members for supervision and assistance.
We will also be picking up road trash to spruce-up our neighborhood.  Blue bags will be provided.  You might want to purchase a "GOPHER" so you don't have to bend over to pick-up the trash....Wal-Mart, isle 21, $10.00.
More details later.  CBNA Clean-Up & Haul-Away is a fun way to do your spring cleaning.
Questions?  How can you help?  Reply to email or call Sharon at 334-3170.