Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Community Corrections is in charge of the road crews that pick up the road/highway trash.  The gentleman's name who is in charge of the road crews is Tom Rhodes and his phone number is 349-2005.  Vernal Pike, from Hwy 37 East to Crescent and especially around the intersection  of Crescent and Vernal, was reported today 12/15/10.  This section of roadway, in my opinion, is disgusting.  I actually enjoy some snow because at least it covers the worst of it.  Because of the below freezing temperatures, the crews will not be removing trash until there is a significant increase in temperatures....which is understandable.  However, if you don't see that that area has been picked-up by the end of March....please call him again.

Most of you that will read this blog are responsible enough to pickup trash from your own yard/property.  However, those of us who are "responsible citizens" often have to share in upholding the responsibilities of the "irresponsible, unavailable or unable citizens" that live near us.  Now that we have a neighborhood association, and are striving to better our neighborhood, lets take pride in our surroundings by keeping our yards free of litter.....and that of our neighbor's, if needed.  We will have a clean-up day in the spring when we can work together to remove trash from our properties and from the surrounding area.

Blue bags are available at HAND in the Shower's Building and Sue Tuohy and I have some, as well.  These bags can be placed with your own trash, and will be picked-up by the City, on the regular trash removal day, but these bags do not require a sticker.

A final thought on this subject:  Just seems sort of futile, at least to me, to put time and effort into transforming a large piece of limestone into a thing of beauty, creating such a unique sign(see the pictures of it on this blog), to define our neighborhood, and then placing it in a trash heap.

Carrie Winkel