Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY 2011!

This will be the first full year for CBNA....let's make it a fruitful one by working together to make our neighborhood safer, more attractive and a great place in which to live.

News update:

There has been some planning regarding a Clean-up Day in May.  If you have questions or comments about this event, please contact Sharon Roualet.  We would like to make this as fun and "friendly" as possible.

Drivers continue to ignore the "one way" sign on Lindbergh.  I saw a trash truck pulling onto W. 17th going North/the wrong way, recently.  Don Smith, who lives on the corner of Lindbergh and W. 17th, saw a woman pull into Dawn Hewitt's driveway and then proceeded to back onto Lindbergh and then onto W. 17th.  Talk about dangerous!!!!!  Guess she thought as long as she was going backwards.....her car was at least "pointing" in the correct direction.....durrrrrrrrrr!!!!

The removal of the "concrete posts" in the median on Crescent, in my opinion, is a good thing.  Replacing them with more reflective signs which will be less destructive to a vehicle if hit, is also advantageous.  Thank you City of Bloomington, for hearing our opinions and requests, and for responding.

Street lights for W. 17th, from Lindbergh to Monroe, have been addressed with Public Works and Christine Smith.  Chris is looking into getting us 2, and possibly more street lights.  If you feel strongly that you do not want street lights, please let your opinion be known.  It is my understanding that if just one person is against street lights, the entire project will be canceled.

The needed land to complete the improved intersection at Vernal and Crescent has been purchased.  The City engineers have designed and proposed the plans for this project.  Funds  for actual construction will likely be coming from grants and the appropriation should be finalized by this summer.