Monday, June 4, 2012

Mayor's Exellence Award and HAND Team of the Year Award

June 2 2012 S&C.JPG
Sharon Roualet & Carrie Winkel at Blooming Neighborhood Awards & Celebration


On the heels of another successful Clean-Up Day, May 14th , Sharon Roualet and Carrie Winkel represented your neighborhood association at the Blooming Neighborhoods Awards and Celebration at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, Saturday, June 2nd.   Dave Devitt and Jeff Bryan stopped by our table and it was great to be able to gain some insight into struggles and successes of other associations as well.  Vickie Provine led yet another very organized and fruitful celebration.  It was a perfect day weather-wise and was very enjoyable in all respects.
CBNA was privileged to receive the Mayor’s Excellence Award as well as the HAND Team of the Year Award.  The Mayor’s Excellence Award included a check for $100….for which we are most thankful.  If you have any great ideas on how best to use our “prize money”, please contact me or any executive committee member.
Let’s keep up the good work and continue to support each other and work together to make our neighborhood a better place in which to live.  These awards do not come automatically.  They require a concerted effort from all of you.  We are all busy folks and we all have special interests.  But even a few minutes volunteered toward a common goal is obviously very worthwhile for the community as a whole and for our neighborhood specifically.  It also renders an important benefit of creating lasting friendships and relationships as we learn more about each other and share ideas. 
Please try to attend our next quarterly meeting in August (date to be announced).  We are hoping to invite a representative from INDOT that will enlighten us on how I-69 will affect our neighborhood, specifically.  There has also been interest expressed, within the membership, in supporting efforts to request that Vernal Pike access to I-69 & Hwy 37 be maintained.  If you have any thoughts or are interested in obtaining more information regarding this effort please contact Dave Devitt, 333-1579.
Lastly, thanks to Sharon, Tim & Bonnie Roualet, Sue Tuohy, Dave Devitt, Yula Ayers and Jean Bauer for making Clean-Up Day a success and for your hard work .  CBNA made around $140 from recycled metal and the street trash was removed from W. 17th to Crescent.   The yard sales were fun, the response to the ads was good, hotdogs were shared and we sold some "treasures".