Friday, September 23, 2011

Please Contact Council Members about Road Improvements

The Bloomington City Council will vote on the 2012 budget on September 27 and October 5.  The budget includes funding for the proposed roundabout at the K intersection (Arlington, W. 17th, & Monroe). Funding for this improvement may be in jeopardy because some council members are considering voting against it. 

Please join us by speaking up! Contact City Council members and ask them to support funding for this roundabout project--if possible, before the September 27 meeting. You could call, write a letter, or send an email to express your opinion and to explain why you think the proposed roundabout is needed.  Also consider attending the upcoming City Council meeting next week.

When writing your emails or letters, consider some the following issues, in addition to other concerns you have:
1) This intersection is one of the most confusing in the City, it isn’t safe, and it has a high accident rate.
2) Traffic at the intersection has increased dramatically, and the intersection is unable to accommodate—safely at least—this traffic. 
3) Three high-density housing complexes and three schools—Tri-North Middle, Pinnacle, and Head Start—are within a quarter of a mile of this intersection.  Apart from increased automobile and pedestrian traffic, school buses and parents must drive to and from the schools.  Thus, the safety issues also have increased dramatically.
4) The proposed roundabout is designed to fix multiple problems, including the need for significant re-grading, accommodating a steep grade, moving utilities, and solving flooding problems due to storm drainage runoff.  Thus, the project costs cover both the construction of a roundabout and solutions to these problems. And the design meets the engineering requirements of the Indiana Department of Transportation, which will cover 80% of the costs for the projects.
5) The roundabout was promised in writing as part of the City Legal Department’s negotiations related to the development of Crescent Pointe.

Contact information for your letters, emails, or phone calls
City Council (as a whole): 349-3409; 401 N Morton St. Ste. 110. Bloomington IN 47402;
Individual council members, particularly those marked with a *:
Susan Sandberg: President & At-Large Representative: (H) 332-2564; (W) 349-3409;
*Andy Ruff: Vice President & At-Large Representative: (H) 334-2160; (W) 349-3409;
*Timothy Mayer: Councilmember At-Large: (H) 332-5269;
Chris Sturbaum (already in favor of funding the roundabout): Our District I Representative: (H) 336-9171; (W) 349-3409;
*Brad Wisler: District II Representative: (H) 391-2734; (W) 349-3409;
Michael Statterfield District III Representative, (H) 333-0898; (W) 349-3409;
Dave Rollo: District VI Representative: (H)339-7916;
Isabel Piedmont-Smith, District V Representative: (H) 333-8489; (W) 349-3409;
Stephen Volan, District VI Representative: (H) 333-0900;
Mayor Mark Kruzan: Office of the Mayor, 401 N Morton St., Ste 210 , Bloomington IN 47404 ; 349-3406;

City Council Meeting Schedule: 7:30 in the Council Chambers, 401 N. Morton St:

Sept. 21: Three Crescent Bend Neighborhood Association members attended this meeting and read a letter to the Council during the Public Comment period.
Wednesday, Sept. 27: The first discussion of the roundabout, where recommendations will be made for the final vote next week. This is where the most discussion will occur about roundabouts and this is where Crescent Bend members need to speak up.
Oct. 5, Wednesday: This will be the final vote on the budget.

Thank you in advance for your efforts! And we look forward to seeing you at the next City Council meeting. If you have questions or wonder why we feel this infrastructure improvement is important, contact a Crescent Bend Executive Committee Member:
Carrie Winkel, Chair,, 339-3661
Dave Devitt,, 333-1579
Dustin Devitt,, 334-8420
Sharon Roualet,, 334-3170