Thursday, November 18, 2010

What are your committee members and neighbors working on to improve your neighborhood?

If you missed our last meeting at the Roualet's you missed a great time.  We had a rousing discussion about several issues and were able to make some goals.  The following are issues we are working on:

 1) The posts on the median on Crescent, which is to reduce traffic speed, need to be more visible.  Again, Charlie Smith has taken some pictures of other median posts which have appropriate reflective signs which are very visible.  It make sense too, that instead of being constructed of concrete, they should be constructed of a less dense material, like rubber, or the base should be more in a large spring,if possible.  It seems that the goal of the median is to visibly cause traffic to slow down enough to safely go around the median, in the middle of the road, as opposed to destroy vehicles whose drivers do not see the posts or median in time to stop.  More and or wider reflective tape has repeatedly been requested from the City.  There have been at least 5 accidents, a few of them serious, at this one particular median.

2) The street lights that have been installed within Crescent Pointe, and the one that illuminates the sharp curve/bend, in particular, have increased security and safety in that area.  We will now request street lights along W. 17th to increase safety especially for pedestrians who are required to walk in the road in the dark.

3) The neighborhood feels it's important to show drivers exactly how fast they are traveling on our narrow street that has little berm and no sidewalks..  We are going to request a digital speed monitor like the sign/monitor on High St. which shows drivers their speed as they pass the sign.

4) We will have a work day in the spring, followed by a social event.  This is a great time to partner with the City to rid your attic/garage/yard of things you don't need or trash at no cost.  We hope to also pick up the unsightly trash along the road that seems to accumulate and then remain where it is distributed to make our neighborhood more attractive.

5) When the new round-about is defined and plans nailed-down, we can begin to plan for the placement of our neighborhood sign.  In order to make the letters stand out and very visible, the letters will be stained.  This process may have to wait until spring as well.

6) We feel it's necessary to invite representatives from the City and INDOT, i.e. Susie Johnson from Public Works and also the Chief of Police, to regular neighborhood meetings so they can advise us on what changes are being proposed for the future which will affect our neighborhood and infrastructure and also to educate us as to how to make our neighborhood safer by starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. 

7) The City engineer has been recently notified regarding needed changes to the posts on the median on Crescent.  He also states that the design process for the round-about is only about 50% complete.  An environment impact study is also required as part of this process.   Therefore, the time line for this project will likely be more like 2013 as opposed to 2012.  Neighbors can relax a bit for the near future as the extension of W. 17th through the hill and under Hwy 37 or future I69 is not even in the plans at this time.  There have been no moneys appropriated and this project will not take place as an "extension" when the round-about is actually constructed.